How to Season the Alaska Fire Pit's Cast Iron Grill

How to Season the Alaska Fire Pit's Cast Iron Grill

The Alaska Fire Pit comes with a removable cast iron grill for outdoor cooking and grilling. Like any other cooking grills, barbecue plates, pans and skillets made of iron or steel, the Alaska's cast iron grill needs to be pre-seasoned before use and also needs to be re-seasoned after each use. 


What is cast iron seasoning?

Cast iron seasoning is a layer of carbonised oil. Seasoning is oil baked into cookware and is what gives it a beautiful black patina. Seasoning also provides a natural, easy-release, non-stick cooking surface and helps prevent your grill from rusting.


Why pre-season my grill?

Pre-seasoning before use is important with cast iron products to seal the surface and stop rust from forming. Pre-seasoning also removes any surface rust, residual metal and foreign particles leftover from the manufacturing process and sterilizes and readies your grill for cooking.


  1. Pre-seasoning creates a non-stick surface for food.
  2. It protects your grill from oxidisation, seasoned cast iron products can last a very long time.
  3. It makes everything taste better!


Pre-seasoning instructions for the Alaska Fire Pit

Alaska Raw Cast Iron Fire Pit Grill

Step one: Scrub your Grill

To prepare your grill to remove any surface rust and debris using a BBQ grill brush. An electric drill with a wire brush is also a great way to prepare the surface quickly and thoroughly.

After thoroughly brushing the surface, clean any loose material from the grill using cold soapy water. Avoid hot water as this will heat the iron and encourage surface rust to form very quickly.

Once clean, completely dry the grill with a cloth or towel.

Alaska Cast iron Grill ready for pre-seasoning

Step Two: Apply Oil & Prepare the Fire Pit

The grill is now ready to be pre-seasoned.

Prepare your Alaska fire pit with plenty of wood and ensure it is fully alight and very hot.

Apply a thin and even layer of cooking or vegetable oil to the entire grill. 


Step Two: Fire it Up

Once the grill is fully-coated with vegetable oil, carefully place your grill onto the Alaska fire pit and allow it to heat up for 45-60 minutes. 

Remove your grill and allow to cool down.

The grill is now pre-seasoned with a glossy, black non-stick finish.

Alaska Cast iron Grill that has been seasoned


Similar to any cast iron skillet or BBQ plate, your grill can be lightly-coated with any neutral oil (e.g. vegetable oil) during and after each use to keep the pre-seasoned layer in check and further help prevent rust from forming.

Store in a clean, dry area.