How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Fire Pit Area

Looking for design inspiration for your outdoor fire pit area?

Watch our good friends at Bombadil Hill Homestead design and build a fire pit area from start to finish. The guys provide great inspiration and humor a long the way, whilst creating a picturesque outdoor fire pit cooking area.

Using some recycled materials and materials sourced from their own backyard along with some bush engineering the guys do a fantastic job at detailing their project. They create a fire pit area that would make any backyard look like a magazine cover.

Featuring our Hestia 82cm fire pit and Luna cast iron fire pit grill.

A fantastic step by step video on creating a beautiful outdoor fire pit area.

It's the attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Tarney and Jeremy take that little bit of extra time planning their fire pit design and adding some home made touches that make all the difference for a fantastic end result.

The size proportions of the octagonal area and the concrete paver are perfect for this size fire pit, this is a crucial first step when designing yours.

With the addition of countersunk homemade nails to secure the octagonal area, Jeremy shows how this little bit of extra time & work produces that beautiful rustic & traditional finish they are going for.


Outdoor Fire Pit Area With Wood Bench Seat
Cooking on The Fire Pit Grill
Cooking on The Luna Grill with a Hestia Fire Pit
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