Buy The Perfect Cast Iron Fire Pit

Tips on buying quality cast iron fire pit bowls

Thickness Does Matter 

When it comes to the material and features of the fire pit, it’s nothing but thickness. Weight, material and thickness all indicate the quality. Large fire pits weighing less don’t last long. The thickness should be above 4mm to withstand high temperatures and varying weather conditions.

In terms of material, cast iron is the perfect fit as it improves durability and styling. It is one of the best materials for fire pit construction as it is much easier to work with when manufacturing a thick wall fire bowl. Manufacturing fire pits from metals such as mild steel and stainless steel with thick walls like our cast bowls is too expensive and not practical. Machine pressed steel often has a lifeless aesthetic, unlike cast iron. The casting process allows for a more unique shape and curved styling. Casting also produces a textured surface finish created by the moulding process, this coarse and textured finish makes every fire bowl unique and develop its own unique rusted patina over time.

Image of the Amara 100cm Fire Pit.

Amara Sand Cast Fire Pit Bowl

In the above image of the Amara a textured surface was formed from a sand cast mould. The sand casting process is one of the oldest and goes back thousands of years. Sand moulds leave a very distinctive textured surface finish, die-cast moulds also produce a nice surface finish but slightly more perfect and less textured.

Size, Usability, Style and Height.

Before buying your fire pit, you must settle on the size and usability of the fire pit. These two factors will ultimately point you towards its style and height. For example, you might think that whether you want a portable or a permanent fire pit area.


In terms of size, first measure the area where you want to place the fire pit. The ideal place should have at least a clear three-meter radius area around the fire pit for safety measures. Seating around the fire pit can include some portable options, including outdoor chairs, hammocks, sofas, bench seats and even seating made from stones or timber. Often reclaimed timber and railway sleepers are used around fire pit areas. These options are also appropriate for our harsh weather conditions.


Along with size, you need to consider how you will use the fire pit. Both factors combine and are dependent on each other that can help you to purchase the perfect fit. Smaller dimensions of fire pits are perfect for use as portable fire pits and are cost-effective. They are handy for camping concerning transportation and maintaining neatness. A good example of portable fire pits is the Etna and Nova. Medium-sized fire pits are not only suitable for maneuverability but are most common among households. They can hold a desirable quantity of wood which can produce a lot of heat and a cosy ambience. Finally, large-sized fire pits of 100cm plus consume more wood and are intended for spacious areas. They can be an immovable fixture in your backyard and also can be useful for your large crowded parties.

Consequently, while considering the size, you should also consider its usability that where and why you will be using the fire pit; will you be using it for cooking, grilling food or will it be an added outdoor decor feature.

Cooking With Fire Pits:

While enjoying warmth and ambience from your fire pit, you can grill your meals on top of the open flame & coals. Cooking over a wood fire of any kind is very different to cooking in a kitchen with a controlled heat source. It’s also one of the best ways to cook meat and vegetables. Quality meats love wood fire and smoke. It does take some practice to master cooking with fire pits and more preparation than your regular BBQ. A good tip is to let a decent amount of wood burn for a period of 30 to 45 minutes, or until mostly down to coals. This will create a nice base layer of hot coals which you can then spread evenly under the grill. This base layer of coals can then be added to with wood as needed. Always remember that your heat source for cooking is hot coals and not unburnt wood that is producing roaring flames. 

Firewood Suppliers

Firewood suitable for fire pits can be found at most landscape and garden centres across Australia. For a perfect firewood solution for your fire pit, we recommend Wheelie Good Wood. If you live in the Melbourne or Adelaide areas Wheelie Good Wood can deliver wheelie bins with firewood to your front door. This wheelie good idea is perfect for backyard fire pits, it's clean, tidy and easy to move around to your fire pit area and won't take up space. Additionally, Wheelie Good Wood is a member of The Firewood Association of Australia, which means all of their firewood is ethically and sustainably sourced.

Your Fire Pit Area

The site and type of fuel of your fire pit matters a lot and needs consideration for safety, practicality and aesthetics. 

Compact spaces

Don’t despair if you don’t have a bigger space for your fire pit. You can still take pleasure in getting the warmth of the fire pit by using a smaller design of fire bowl or portable fire pit. Fire pits in the 60cm diameter range are ideal for smaller areas.


With backyards, you have the liberty of choosing fire pits of your choice. You can own portable or built-in cast iron fire pits with wood as fuel sources. However, you need to take extra cautions for ensuring safety principles for lighting fire pits.

For more ideas on creating a safe and picturesque fire pit area head over to our blog The Ultimate Outdoor Fire Pit Area. Where we have a step by step video on setting up a safe aesthetic fire pit area.

Fire Pit Safety

In the Australian environment, you need to be extra vigilant when using fire pits as fires can emerge with a blink of an eye and get out of control. You need to put extra attention to details for fire warnings in your area, especially during summers when fire bans are in place. Here are some precautionary tips that you need to remember before you light up your fire pit:

  • Check your local fire danger ratings, bans and restrictions.
  • Avoid flammable liquids
  • Never place a fire pit underneath trees or pergolas
  • Check for the wind directions and avoid lightning in strong wind warnings/watch
  • Don’t wear flammable clothes
  • Don’t use softwood (cedar/pine)
  • Have a close water source or a fire extinguisher ready in case of emergency
  • Always dispose of ashes safely
  • Never leave a burning fire pit unattended
  • Never put a fire pit near vegetation or building and keep a 3-meter distance from any structure
  • Keep monitoring the sitting environment and keep a safe distance between guests and the fire pit
  • Children must always be supervised around a fire pit.

Rust Resistance

Cast Iron Fire Pits form rusty layers which look fantastic. Most metals gradually start to degrade if they are not weatherproofed. Even leftover ashes can soak up moisture and rain that can degrade the metal if not removed. Coastal areas of Australia may have a constant high humidity climate that can lead to rusting of fire pits. 

Rust on fire pits is inevitable but cast iron fire pits are advantageous due to their thickness, durability and metal properties for bearing high temperatures and are unlikely to develop rust related holes if properly protected. Layers of rust develop on cast iron which can act as a barrier to fresh metal and the elements, reducing deep oxidization. Cast iron ages better compared to other materials such as mild steel and are much more rust resistant if you follow guidelines for reducing exposure. This may include covering them with fire pit covers and storing them out of the elements when not in use. We do recommend covering all fire pits when left outdoors. However Adanna’s Classic and Premium Range of cast bowls have been left for many years uncovered in the elements with no issues at all, this is due to their thickness and metal type. Mild steel fire pits should always be protected from water, as they will rust through very quickly, particularly around welds and bends in the metal.

Price, Size & Quality

We at Adanna Fire Pits offer a premium range of cast iron fire pits that assures quality and are perfect for Australian conditions and homes. Our premium range of cast iron pits includes:

Premium Range

Premium Range

RRP (AUD$, including tax)

Thickness (mm)

Diameter (cm)

Depth (cm)

Weight (kg)




















All our premium range have genuine sand cast iron bowls and trivet bases with threaded drainage holes. All involve low maintenance work and have a natural rustic finish. Their thickness is most superlative for our Australian climate and will last a lifetime. This range is already over-engineered and designed to set the standard of what a premium quality fire pit should be for our Australian market.

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